Community Engagement Core


The overall goal of MT INBRE III’s Community Engagement Core (CEC) is to foster and enhance both
tribal and rural community-MT INBRE III partnerships that will mitigate health disparities through community engagement. Meeting this goal requires sustainable community collaborations, use of community-based participatory research practices (CBPR), and innovative health communications that consider relevant cultural, linguistic, and literacy needs. The CEC draws on the expertise of a team of community-academic partners who highly value the mutual goal of improved community health through engagement, dialogue, and collective problem solving. The methodological approach of this core is grounded in CBPR, fostering an environment for the production of mutually beneficial goals. Community members know what health concerns are most important to their communities and what strategies for addressing them may be most effective. The CEC will utilize a cyclical methodological model that entails continual leadership, input, and feedback from community members that is based on the Native or rural community being an equitable partner in the research.