Native American Graduate Fellowships

Funding for Montana INBRE Native American Graduate Fellowships will be available May 1, 2016. This fellowship is a full time position, so other employment at the same time as the fellowship is not allowed. In some cases, candidates may arrange for a leave of absence from their employment so that they can focus all their attention on their course work and dissertation research. Fellows are expected to take full time course loads (9 credits per semester and over the summer session). In rare cases, students may opt to take fewer credits during the summer, but the fellowship covers only full time enrollment, which means that if students take 3 credits, for example, they cover that expense themselves. If a medical or family issue arises, a fellow may take a semester or summer "off," and the fellowship can be reinstated during the next term (semester).This situation has rarely occurred, however, and Montana INBRE strongly discourages fellows from taking time off.

The overarching goal of the fellowship is to provide an opportunity for fellows to immerse themselves in their coursework and research and to meet with program staff annually for progress reports. Additionally, fellows are required to submit a one-page summary of their progress, which will be included in our annual report to NIH. Fellowship funding also carries with it the requirement that fellows agree to allow Montana INBRE to track their research activity (publications and grant activity) over at least a 5 year period. If progress is being made on a regular basis, Montana INBRE usually commits to a fellowship for three years, and, depending on special circumstances, is open to negotiation for a limited extension of time, though fellows are not encouraged to count on these extensions.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this fellowship, please contact:

Dr. Ann Bertagnolli
Montana INBRE Program Coordinator
Tel: 406-994-5214