Sarah Codd

Welcome from Dr. Sarah Codd

Director of Montana INBRE Student Programs

"Montana INBRE is committed to building a vibrant community of young scholar scientists in Montana. We consider our students to be investigators in training, and our goal is to prepare them for careers in biomedical research and public health. MT INBRE Student Programs provide young investigators with the framework to conduct real research and practice professional career skills such as working with a mentor, securing funding and seeking out training opportunities -- all within the context of a supportive, collaborative and friendly network.

I invite you to view our program offerings below to learn more about our support for students."

One of our central goals is to strengthen the professional researcher workforce pipeline in Montana. The main way we're accomplishing this is by expanding research and internship opportunities for Montana-based undergraduate and graduate students.

Montana INBRE is committed to enhancing Montana's long-term biomedical research capacity by supporting undergraduate and graduate research experiences today.

Absolutely not! You don't have to own a lab coat to work with us, although many students do. We define biomedical research very broadly and support students from varying disciplines, including the life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, math, applied sciences, and social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary fields like public health, community health, behavioral health, and others.

Bottom line: If you're a college student who's interested human health, chances are we have an opportunity that fits with your academic and career goals.

Montana INBRE student research opportunities offer cutting-edge experiences working closely with top-rate faculty and researchers. Montana INBRE's central student programs fall under these broad categories:

  • Undergraduate Student Research Programs
  • Public Health Internships
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Working alongside INBRE-funded Faculty
  • RAIN and IDeA Program Western Region Student Exchanges
  • Occasional Travel Awards

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