A Broad Lens

At MT INBRE, we view biomedical research through a very broad lens. We consider biomedical research to be an interdisciplinary endeavor requiring input and participation from a wide variety of professionals representing different perspectives in the life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, formal sciences, applied sciences as well as other fields.

An abbreviated list of the types of researchers and leaders with whom we collaborate includes public health professionals, medical professionals, bench or laboratory scientists in a variety of fields, epidemiologists, community and tribal leaders, computer scientists and information systems experts, engineers, biostatisticians and social and behavioral health professionals.

Main Foci

Montana INBRE's focuses on increasing Montana's research capacity by building research infrastructure, supporting faculty and student tresearch in Montana, and fostering a statewide collaborative network where ideas, tools and resources can be shared freely. Our main research foci are health disparities in rural and Native communities, infectious diseases and health issues related to the environment.


We support investigation approaches rooted in Community Based Participatory Research methods because we believe research is enriched and made more effective through equitable and participatory modes of investigation. We value the unique strengths and perspectives that community partners lend to research and recognize how those projects are made stronger and more viable through CBPR.  Learn how we use CBPR principles in Montana.

Current Research

Twenty biomedical research projects are currently under way in within the MT INBRE network. These projects focus on rural and Native health disparities and involve environmental, behavioral, social and other interdisciplinary health perspectives. See how INBRE-supported researchers are creating a healthier Montana.

Student Opportunities

MT INBRE is committed to building a vibrant community of young scholar scientists in Montana. MT INBRE Student Programs offer undergraduate and graduate students opportunities for enhanced biomedical education and research experiences through internships, fellowships, and occasional travel awards. See how we're inspiring the next generation of researchers in Montana.