Montana INBRE is not currently accepting faculty funding proposals. Full details from the most recent RFP can be accessed here.

Faculty Funding Overview

Montana INBRE typically offers annual or biennial funding opportunities for pilot projects or major research projects in the areas of environmental health, public health, infectious diseases, rural and/or Native American health disparities, and food security/sovereignty. Opportunities for continuation and re-submission projects also tend to be available during open application periods. We encourage faculty in the biomedical, social/behavioral, economic, agriculture and engineering sciences to apply during open application periods.

Research Priority Areas

  • Social and behavioral aspects of rural and/or Native American health disparities
  • Infectious disease, environmental health, or access to healthy food
  • Interdisciplinary research focused on these research areas

Eligibility & Other Criteria

  • We encourage faculty in the biomedical, social/behavioral, economic, agriculture, and engineering sciences to apply
  • Projects can be developed within a single discipline (e.g.,social sciences), but collaborative projects between biomedical and social and behavioral health investigators are strongly encouraged
  • The involvement of students in research is important and strongly encouraged
  • Projects should demonstrate a high likelihood of leading to independent funding
  • Interdisciplinary research proposals directed by multiple project leaders can consist of established investigators, but applications having at least one non-established investigator tend to be given the greatest consideration
  • Most successful applicants will not have independently funded programs, although established investigators wanting to develop a change of direction initiating research in Montana INBRE research priority areas are often considered

Typical Application Timeline

In years when funding opportunities are offered, the application timeline usually proceeds as follows:

  • Fall: RFP announced
  • Winter: Applications due
  • Spring: Award notices given
  • April 30th: End of grant year
  • May 1st: Beginning of new grant year

Links to External Grant Opportunities

A general list of external biomedical research grant opportunities is compiled below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and MT INBRE occasionally posts specific opportunities on its Facebook page that aren't included here.