Montana INBRE offers a wide variety of funding opportunities across a broad spectrum of research areas, including environmental health, public health, infectious diseases, rural and/or Native American health disparities and food security/sovereignty.

Montana INBRE is unique in that it defines biomedical research broadly and offers opportunities at the pilot planning stage as well as the more traditional pilot project, major research project, and continuation project levels. We encourage faculty in the biomedical, social/behavioral, economic, agriculture and engineering sciences to apply during open application periods using the mechanisms listed below.

Seth Walk, Diane Bimczok

Faculty Research RFP

For faculty pursuing convential research projects building towards publications and R01-level grant applicaitons

Deadline: Typically mid-December for projects beginning May 1.

Montana INBRE funds faculty research at institutions throughout Montana at the pilot planning, pilot, and major research project levels. Investigators are strongly encouraged to incorporate undergraduate and graduate students in as many aspects of research as possible. Output expectations include peer-reviewed publications, applications for external funding at the R01 level or similar, and scientific presentations.


Student-Focused Research RFP

For faculty pursuing primarily student-focused research projects building towards workforce pipeline development

Deadline: Typically mid-December for projects beginning May 1.

Montana INBRE supports faculty-level research projects with the primary goal of training and mentoring students towards careers in the biomedical sciences may submit student-focused faculty research proposals. Output expectations include publications with student coauthors, external funding applications to expand student training opportunities, and student mentorship within the context of a sophisticated, faculty-led research project. 


Montana RAIN Tech Access

For RAIN-state investigators who would like to utilize participating shared Core Facilities in Montana and elsewhere

Deadline: 2021-2022 Tech Access grants due January 14, 2022

Montana INBRE provides RAIN-state investigators access to shared Core Facilities via Tech Access Grants. These grants are open to biomedical investigators for projects that utilize core facilities in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. An array of biomedical research projects are supported, including metabolomics, biomarker analysis, transcriptomics, genomics, social science surveys, bioinformatics, and biostatistics support.

Instrumentation and Equipment Awards

Instrumentation, Equipment

For faculty and administrators looking for instrumentation, supplies, innfrastructure, and teaching materials

Deadline: None currently; check back here in 2022-2023

Montana INBRE occasionally offers competitive awards for instrumentation, supplies, infrastructure, and STEM/Health Science teaching materials. Infrastructure can include lab and teaching equipment, educational resources, software, and hardware that will enhance biomedical research and teaching capacity. Output expectations include enhanced teaching and research capacity as well as publications and grants. 


Special Emphasis - Development

For investigators in the early stages of developing research in special emphasis areas, building towards a full proposal

Deadline: None currently; check back here in 2022-2023

Montana INBRE occasionally supports the development of special emphasis research projects in topical areas of need or concern. These opportunities support the planning and collaboration required for investigators to develop a research project capable of competing for the next available Montana INBRE open call for proposals. Output expectations include rapid progress towards a full research proposal.


All RAIN Opportunities

For faculty who are excited to collaborate across state lines with other RAIN-state investigators and leaders

Deadline: Varies by state and by opportunity

Montana INBRE is a founding member of the Regional Alliance of INBRE Networks — a consortium of INBRE states that provides opportunities for Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming-based investigators. Funding falls under two categories: Tech-Access Grants, which provide cross-state access to core facility resources and Collaborative Research Projects that bring together investigators from two or more RAIN states.