2021-2022 INBRE Scholars (MSU)
Student Project Title Mentor Program
Noah Adams A high-throughput cytometric assay to determine the phagocytotic ability of alveolar macrophages post Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae infection Diane Bimczok INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
William Baker Voltage Clamp Fluorimetry May Yield New Insight into the Voltage Dependent Behavior of Voltage-Sensing Phosphatase Susy Kohout INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Catherine Bauer Isolation of Nitrate-dependent Iron Oxidation Bacteria from a Canadian Coal Mine for Reduction of the Toxin Selenium Brent Peyton INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Owen Burroughs Potential Mechanisms for the SaeR/S Two-Component System in Staphylococcus aureus Jovanka Voyich INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Leah Davidson Determining the impact of local bone tissue strain on osteocyte lacunar remodeling Chelsea Heveran Visiting Scholar
Camryn DuBois Influence of Multitasking Ability and Changes of Sensory Information on Walking Stability Scott Monfort INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Matt Fisher Characterization and Differentiation of Catalytic Activity of Voltage Sensing Phosphatases Susy Kohout INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Laina Hall Characterizing the cyclic oligonucleotide signaling pathway of the Type III CRISPR-Cas system from Thermus thermophilus Blake Wiedenheft INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Trajan Hill Sleep Hygiene Within Indigenous Communities (Continuation) Suzanne Held INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Darien Kadriu The effects of Biogenic Amines in the biofilm formation and density of Gardnerella species. Carl Yeoman INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Conner Killeen Quantifying Functional Electrical Activity of Neurons Cultured with Nanomagnetic Particles Influenced by Various Magnetic Force Patterns Anja Kunze INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Pushya Krishna De Novo Identification of CRISPR Leader Motifs Blake Wiedenheft INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Jessica Kudelski Gallatin Valley Farm To School Impact Brianna Routh INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Margaret Kulus Host-derived Polymer "Shield" as a Mechanism for Immune Evasion by Nascent S. aureus Biofilms Phil Stewart INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Brodie Light Magnetically Enhanced Viral Transduction for Tissue Engineering Anja Kunze SEPA
Evan Martin Translation of bulk AST to drop-based antibiotic testing methods Connie Chang INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Madeline Metcalf Health Fair for the Montana Latinx Population Sally Moyce INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Alessandra Miller The Impacts of IKBKAP Gene Deletion on the Neuroimmune System of the Gastrointestinal Tract Frances Lefcort INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Maya Moody Determining the Influence of High Fat Diet on Osteocyte Viability and Bone Remodeling Chelsea Heveran INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Gwendolyn Mueller Breaking Voltage Sensing Phosphatase Dimers Susy Kohout INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Samantha Old Elk Silver Diamine Fluoride Awareness in Rural Communities Laura Larsson INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Alexi Panos Solving the 3D Structure of the First Known Methanogenic Aminotransferase Enzymes Martin Lawrence INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Jesse Rector Long-Term Fluorescent Neuronal Calcium Imaging with Magnetic Nanoparticles Anja Kunze INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Matthew Robinett Determining Signal Quality of High Density Surface Electromyography Sensors in Optimal and Sub-Optimal Positions Corey Pew Visiting Scholar
Julia Roemer Determining the cellular interaction required for IFNAR2-regulated damage and fungal clearance by myeloid cells Kelly Shepardson INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Ari Romberg The Biochemical Degradation of Polyethylene Terephthalate, Plastic #1: Investigating DCD dehydrogenase Jennifer DuBois INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Mayuri Singh Double Charge Switch Magnetic Beads for Rapid Isolation and Elution of Small Nucleic Acids Stephanie McCalla INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
David Skwarchuk Evaluating Tissue Specific Gene Expression Patterns in Novel Bat Gastrointestinal Organoids. Diane Bimczok INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Olivia Smith The Feasibility of a Screening Program for Food Insecure Patients in Southwest Montana Carmen Byker-Shanks INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Sophia Thompson Exploring  Nursing Student’s Health Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Sally Moyce INBRE Scholar - Public Health
Connie Watt The Use of Pseudovirus Assay to Measure Antibody that Neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 Seth Pincus INBRE Scholar - Biomedial
Trenton Wolfe The Role of the Microbiome in the Arsenic Detoxification Process Seth Walk SEPA
Elijah Wray Refining and Expanding on a DNA Amplification Model for Disease Detection Tomas Gedeon INBRE Scholar - Biomedial


2016-2017 Graduate Fellowships
Student Institution Department Research Focus
Robert Dorsey MSU Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Healthcare improvement on Native American reservations
Cheryl Polacek MSU Education American Indian Tribal College Student Perceptions of Predominantly White Institutions: A Qualitative Study
Deb Laveaux MSU Education, Health and Human Development Environmental Health Literacy and Youth as Agents of Change in Communities
Dionne Zoanni MSU Earth Sciences Traditional ecological knowledge and tribal water governance on Fort Peck Reservation, Montana.
2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Participants

Student Department Faculty Sponsor Research Question / Topic
Nathan Blaseg Microbiology & Immunology Douglas Kominsky The Role of IFN-y Induced IL-10R1 Expression in Restitution of Epithelial Barrier Function during Intestinal Inflammation
Hanbyul (Hannah) Cho Microbiology & Immunology Aga Rynda-Apple Determining Composition of Lung Microbiota after respiratory bacterial infection
DeLancey Doty Cell Biology & Neuroscience Seth Walk A Clinical Epidemiologic Study of Clostridium difficile infection at the University of Chicago Hospital
Brittney Forsman Microbiology & Immunology Blake Wiedenheft Determining the Mechanism of Detecting and Destroying Foreign DNA
Coy Harwood Microbiology & Immunology Aga Rynda-Apple Understanding the sequence of host susceptibility to post-influenza secondary bacterial infections
Sierra Higheagle Molecular Bioscience Jovanka Voyich Investigating gene expression related to the two-component SaeR/S regulatory system of Staphylococcus aureus
Zane Huttinga Mathematical Sciences Tomas Gedeon Switching Models with mRNA for Certain Networks Implicated in Cancer
Nicole Korte Cell Biology & Neuroscience Susy Kohout Lipid-Binding Properties of the C2 Domain of Ci-VSP
Hania Koziol Chemical & Biological Engineering Renee Reijo Pera Montana-Based Inquiry into Neurodegeneration: Engrailed Proteins and Parkinson's Disease
Kim Lantrip Biotechnology  Blake Wiedenheft Isolating Proteins that neutralize the Adaptive Immune System in Bacteria
Gabrielle Law Chemistry & Biochemistry Matthew Taylor Quantifying Mutational Change during Neuroinvasive Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
Nina Paris Chemistry & Biochemistry    Brian Bothner MALDI-IMS Analysis of Lipid Content in E. Coli and Human Skeletal Muscle Cells in Environments of Varying Oxygen Levels
Katheryn Perea Biology Carl Yeoman Analyzing digestive flora as a means of assessing sheep growth
Shawna Pratt Chemical & Biological Engineering Connie CHang Microfluidic Sorting of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Subpopulations
Paul Puettmann Cell Biology & Neuroscience Roger Bradley NFPC in the Neural Tube
Tanner Robison Chemical & Biological Engineering Jovanka Voyich Identifying neutrophil components recognized by the extracellular residues of the sensory kinase SaeS of Staphylococcus aureus
Kaitlyn See Microbiology & Immunology Christa Merzdorf How Aquaporins Affect Noncanonical Wnt Signaling Pathways
Marisa Sewell Cell Biology & Neuroscience Diane Bimczok Culture of human dendritic cells with Norovirus in a mucosal model

Veronika Shchepetkina


Cell Biology & Neuroscience Frances Lefcort Investigation of brain development in a mouse model for Familial Dysautonomia
Karen Stengel Cell Biology & Neuroscience  Susy Kohout Comparison of the Voltage Sensitive Phosphatase in Vertebrate Species
Jackson Toth Chemistry & Biochemistry   Brian Bothner Quantitative Metabolomic Analysis of A. baumannii and S. aureus Biofilms
Theodore Warthen Cell Biology & Neuroscience  Christa Merzdorf Analysis of the gap junctions involve in neurulation and gastrulation of Xenopus laevis
2016-2017 Undergraduate Researchers (MSU)
Student Department Faculty Sponsor Research Question / Topic
 Jenna Blair Exercise Science Kalli Decker Early Intervention Service Providers' Day-To-Day Practices with Children and Families 
Will Dumm Mathematical Sciences Bree Cummins Modeling disease transmission: Incorporating family cliques in exponential random graphs
Alexandra Feigel Health & Human Development Kalli Decker Quantities of Adult Language and How it Affects Child Language Development
Zane Huttinga Mathematical Sciences Tomas Gedeon Global Dynamics of Extensions of Switching Models for Biological Systems
Derek Judge Electrical & Computer Engineering Anja Kunze Magnetic Gradient Optimization of Magnetic Elements on a Chip for Neuron Polarity Manipulation
Debra Kraner Sustainable Foods & Bioenergy System Selena Ahmed Impacts of Environmental and Management Factors on the Functional Quality of a Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plant: Case Study of Jobs Tears Coix lacryma-jobi
Ian LaCroix Chemistry & Biochemistry Tomas Gedeon Real Time Metabolomics and Applied Dynamics
Nada Naser Chemical & Biological Engineering Joseph Menicucci Synthesis and Materials Testing of Selenium Nanoparticle-coated Bone Cement
Dean Ricker Chemical & Biological Engineering Christa Merzdorf Does aquaporin 3b affect the number of calcium waves in the neural plate of Xenopus laevis embryos?
Nathan Sickler Microbiology & Immunology Jamie Sherman Beta-glucans and Anthocyanins in Barley for Human Food
Katie Sutton Sustainable Foods & Bioenergy System Florence Dunkel Building Resilient Community Members: A Survey that Examines Self-efficacy via Perceptions of Resources Available, Job Opportunities and Barriers to Future Aspirations in Small Montana Communities
Abigail Van Vuren Microbiology Martin Teintze Characterization of the Activity of 18B-Glyccerhetinic Acid Against MRSA Biofilms
2016-2017 Undergraduate Public Health Interns (MSU)
Student Department Community Partner Research Question / Topic
Laura Evans University Studies Melenie Duval, Gallatin County Lactation Education Program Utilizing Department of Family Services home-visit data to analyze breastfeeding rates for at-risk families
Annsarah Exe Cell Biology & Neuroscience Darcy Hunter, Gallatin County Dept. of Health WIC Program Normalizing breastfeeding on the MSU-Bozeman campus
Imashi Fernando Food & Nutrition (Dietetics) Melenie Duval, Gallatin County Lactation Education Program Normalizing breastfeeding in Gallatin County
Gretchen Groves Food & Nutrition (Dietetics) Carmen Byker Shanks, MSU Food & Health Lab Evaluating SNAP recipients' use of the Gallatin Valley Farmers Market
Ellen Guyer Cell Biology & Neuroscience Stephanie McDowell, BridgerCare Using research on child welfare to better direct resources and educate policy makers about current needs facing children and families in Montana
Dani Hess Community Health Carmen Byker, Health and Human Development Understanding health awareness and connection with healthcare resources among Gallatin Valley Latino community: a Promotoras de Salud approach.
Jen Mikkelson Sustainable Foods Jill Holder, Gallatin Valley Food Bank Collaborating with local social service, community service, and corrections agencies to teach low-income, at-risk youth about gardening and nutritious food
Max Parelius Hispanic Studies Kristin Juliar, AHEC/MORH Health & Wellness Profiles around Montana: Evidence-based community health needs assessments
Justin Roberts Microbiology Bethel Erickson-Bruce, Gallatin Valley Food Bank Using research on ecologically-friendly gardening practices to maximize crop yields, minimize human labor, and ensure project sustainability
Luke Shealy Food & Nutrition (Dietetics) Carmen Byker Shanks, MSU Food & Health Lab Evaluating SNAP recipients' use of the Gallatin Valley Farmers Market
Samantha Starr Nursing Stephanie McDowell, Bridgercare Clinics What steps can Bridgercare Clinic take to increase use and awareness of Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs)?
Rachel Ulrich Statistics Laura Hildreth & Lillian Lin, MSU Math Department & SCRS Statistical analysis of Alzheimer's and Dementia: Looking Back to Look Forward
Reisa Walker Nursing Laura Larson, MSU Nursing Faculty Improving oral health literacy of families and caregivers by creating, distributing and measuring effectivness of information about infant oral health through Northern Cheyenne tribal community health care and child care agencies.