Dr. Heinz Feldmann March 24, 2016

The Ebola Virus in West Africa: Science-Based Facts and Personal Reflections on the Recent Epidemic

Peter Buerhaus March 3, 2016

Nurse Practitioners & the Future of Primary Health Care: New Evidence on Access, Costs and the Quality of Care


Katie Hailer Oct. 1, 2015

Assessing Human Metal Accumulation near an Urban Superfund Site

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes Sept. 21, 2015

Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Transplation


Dr. Deborah McCauley December 2, 2014

Wildlife Health and OneHealth in Nepal

Dr. Monica Skewes October 16, 2014

The Science of Addictive Behaviors

Emily Graslie April 10, 2014

From Art to Science - a new perspective on communication

Brent Peyton February 20, 2014

The Unknown Yellowstone: Microbial Discoveries and Biotech Applications

David Quammen February 6, 2014

Spillover: The Animal Origins of Human Disease


Ehson Mosleh September 20, 2013

Small Town Satellites: The Story of Montana State’s 1st Satellite in Space

This Café was sponsored by the Montana Space Grant Consortium in collaboration with the Montana INBRE.

Dr. Cathy Whitlock August 29, 2013

Wildfires in Montana's Past and its Future

Dr. Chris Wilson March 7, 2013

Why and How Must We More Effectively Harness Science to Address Global Health Inequities

Dr. Temple Grandin March 5, 2013

Autism talk.


Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes March 29, 2012

From Sickness to Health: A Personal Story of Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Transplantation


Dr. Tom Schwan October 20, 2011

Ticks and What Montanans Should Know About Them

Dr. David R. Williams September 22, 2011

Social Inequalities in Health: Enduring 21st Century Crises

Dr. Mark Jutila April 21, 2011

Impact of Diet Supplements: Helpful or Harmful?

Dr. Philip Stewart March 10, 2011

Chronic Infections: The Biofilm Hypothesis


Dr. James Kaput April 22, 2010

Genes or Diet? Let's Talk About Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes

Ms. Andrea Kane April 8, 2010

What's really going on with teen pregnancy -- facts, myths, science, and beliefs


Dr. Robert Schoene November 19, 2009

Humans on High: An exploration of human adaptation to the world's high places

Dr. David P. Sklar October 22, 2009

When Love Hurts: A Public Health Approach to Intimate Partner Violence

Dr. Louise Bennett March 12, 2009

Practicing Refugee Medicine: Pills vs Community Action

Dr. Joseph Brain March 25, 2009

Obesity, diabetes, and the rise and fall of inhaled insulin. Why did Pfizer pull the plug on Exubera?

Dr. Keith Norris 02/19/2009

Got health? Unleashing the Potential of Community-Academic Partnerships


H. Gilbert Welch 11/20/08

Overdiagnosis: Making people sick in the name of health

Read Dr. Welch's recent essay in the NY Times ("Campaign Myth: Prevention as Cure-All")

Read Dr. Welch's recent LA Times article ("The excessive focus on mammography")

Stephen Bezruchka 3/20/08

Do you want health or health care?

The US deserves both and has neither.


Dr. Jonathan Patz 11/20/07

ECOHEALTH: A Look at Global Warming and Its Consequences

Dr. Harry B. Gray 10/16/07

Powering the Planet with Solar Energy

Dr. Rita Colwell 9/29/07

Global Infectious Disease, Environment and Human Health

Dr. Christopher Germer 4/19/07

Inside the Buddhist Mind: Lessons for Western Psychotherapy

Dr. Karen Peterson 3/20/07

Tackling Child Obesity: Whats the Worry? Whose Worry Is It?


Patricia L. Meinhardt 1/12/06

Is Your Water Safe? Protecting Americans from Waterborne Disease and Contamination

Dr. Andrij Holian 11/16/06

Toxic Air Pollutants: Why Should We Care?

Dr. Abraham Verghese 4/27/06

The Missing Patient


Keith Benson 10/20/05

Charles Darwin, Flounder Eyes, and Intelligent Design

Warren Lockette 3/10/05

The Scientist as Terrorist

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Michael Depledge 2/24/05

Are the Policies of Conservative Western Societies based on Science?

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Mark Young 11/4/04

Bio-prospecting Yellowstone Park: What Is It, Why Do It and Who Benefits?

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John Cohen 9/30/04

Why Bother to Immunize our Kids? Aren't All Those Diseases Gone? And aren't Vaccines Harmful?

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