Statistical Consulting Testimonials

Laura Larsson


Associate Professor - MSU Department of Nursing;

 "The Statistical Consulting and Research Services team was very welcoming and skilled at translating complex statistical ideas to applied research faculty who don’t hold this area of expertise. What might have been intimidating turned out to be fun and very valuable."

Statistics as Storytelling

Working with the Statistical Consulting and Research Services team (SCRS) was most helpful in designing an analytic strategy for a complex social sciences experiment. Having a collaborator fluent in the language of statistics and the writing of statistical results made the implications of the work come right off the page for the reader. My collaboration with SCRS resulted in data that could be interpreted with a wider lens and described using more precise language. Thanks to assistance from SCRS, my findings will have use beyond the nursing discipline.

Refined Understanding

One of the specific problems I was having in analyzing the data was trying to perform reliability analytics for all of the scales. I was challenged by what to do with the knowledge questions. Working with SCRS I learned that the knowledge items are part of an “index” and we did not have to include them in the reliability analysis. This realization made the process go smoother and saved a great deal of time.

Guidance during NIH Grant

Recently we submitted an NIH grant and SCRS was involved in all of the phone calls and planning sessions. They led the efforts in writing the analytic strategy and helped a great deal with the grant narrative. Not only is this important for the best reception of the proposal but we know that if we are funded we will have the benefit of executing a plan that was designed for optimal biostatistics.

Advice for Researchers

My advice for Montana-based researchers interested in working with SCRS is to get them involved early -- ideally during the grant-writing phase of the project. During my two experiences working with SCRS, I needed their analytical help for data that was already collected. As helpful as they were, I think the impact of the work would have been even greater if I had their input during the instruments, sampling and design stages.

Stacy Davis

Stacy Davis

Research Associate Montana State University

 "After collaborating with the Statistical Consulting and Research Services team for several months, I felt more confident in presenting our results at a statewide conference ... Researchers and statisticians should collaborate more often!"


Although I have some statistical background from graduate school, working with SCRS helped me thoroughly understand the statistical analysis and interpretation of results from our project. I am the type of researcher that is afraid of conducting a statistical analysis incorrectly. Working with SCRS helped me feel confident in our analysis and results. After collaborating with the SCRS team for several months, I felt more confident in presenting our results at a statewide conference.

Advice for Researchers

I think many research projects would greatly benefit from collaborating with SCRS. Combining a researcher’s knowledge with statistical expertise leads to statistically sound experimental design and analysis. Researchers and statisticians should collaborate more often!